Happy Toilet Project Work @ Si Ling

This is a structured programme which aims to provide opportunities for pupils to:
- Break away from the compartmentalisation of knowledge and skills
- Learn to make meaningful connections between the different subjects they learn in schools.
- Understand more about themselves (the infusion of social and emotional learning approach)
- Appreciate the school’s core values: Teamwork, Innovation, Respect and Care, Integrity, Perseverance and Sense of Loyalty.

Instructions to pupils
In this Project Work, you will be selected to form a group. To ensure that your group works well together, you are to:
- Know your role well to work effectively within a group towards common goal.
- Share in the planning and carrying out all tasks to complete the project.
- Develop good interpersonal skills to work within a group.
- Develop the capacity to make reasoned decisions.

As a school, we want our pupils to:
- be highly conscious of good toilet hygiene practices
- exhibit graciousness through proper use of the toilet
- be creative and innovative (develop I & E traits)
- make use of IT to carry out collaborative learning

Task Description
Pupils will explore for ideas surrounding the theme "Si Ling's Also Ok" and decide on a certain focus through brainstorming, discussion and simple research. Pupils can create more than 1 piece of work to be exhibited. The information will be integrated and presented in the form of an exhibit panel. Each group will also give a 5 minutes presentation on their exhibits.

End Products:
- A panel filled with exhibits
- 5 minutes Presentation
- Project Work File