28 june 2010
Toilet with elevated Cistern and chain attached to lever of discharge valvev
File:Old toilet with elevated cistern and chain.jpg
File:Old toilet with elevated cistern and chain.jpg

Early 20th Century Outhouse preserved at a Ghost town ghost town in the Arizona Desert, external image 220px-Bothie_-_Jerome%2C_Arizona.jpg

external image WEIQFBEEGDED-large.jpg

This is an new version of toy story!

external image space_toilet.jpg
This was going to be a new portable toilet for us! :)

external image motorcycle-toilet.jpg
Cool toilet!

external image iCarta%2520iPod%2520toilet%2520paper%2520dispenser.jpg
The toilet is so fun!

external image galactika-toilet.jpg
Glowing nice toilet.

external image Chinas-Hilarious-Invention-Toilet-Seat-005.jpg
This toilet should be suitable for babies.

external image a96935_a580_6-toilet2.jpg
I love this toilet!