Toilets in the Ancient World
In the ancient world people were capable of designing quite sophisticated toilets. Stone age farmers lived in a village at Skara Brae in the Orkney islands. Some of their stone huts had drains built under them and some houses had cubicles over the drains. They may have been inside toilets.
In Ancient Egypt rich people had proper bathrooms and toilets in their homes. Toilet seats were made of limestone. Poor people made do with a wooden stool with a hole in it. Underneath was a container filled with sand, which had to be emptied by hand. (If you were wealthy slaves did that!)
In the Indus Valley civilisation (c.2,600-1,900 BC) streets were built on a grid pattern and networks of sewers were dug under them. Toilets were flushed with water.
On the island of Crete the Minoan civilisation flourished from 2,000 to 1,600 BC. They too built drainage systems, which also took sewage. Toilets were flushed with water

A toilet is a plumbing fixture used for defecation and urination. Modern toilets consist of a bowl fitted with a hinged seat and are connected to a waste pipe where waste is flushed. Tiolets are also called: privy, latrine, water closet, or lavatory. Contrary to urban legend Sir Thomas Crapper did not invent the toilet.
=Toilets are the single biggest water guzzler in your home, accounting for about 30 percent of residential indoor water consumption. Replacing older toilets with new high-efficiency models is an easy way to help trim monthly water bills—and help conserve our precious water resources. In fact, simply replacing one pre-1994 toilet with a new high-efficiency model can save 10,000 gallons per year—enough to fill a backyard swimming pool!

(By:Vanessa lim)

Toilets around the world 9~

England:Charing Cross Road

external image 107_ENG_popup_up.jpg&h=120&w=295&zc=1

Throughout the week, unsuspecting crowds in this corner of central London walk over what appears to be an oversized concrete manhole cover. On Thursdays at dusk the cover rises up

By: Loh Wei Yie~

Toilets around the world 8~

SOUTH AFRICA : Closer Settlement

external image 154_RSA_toiletfields.jpg&h=120&w=295&zc=1The South African government’s Reconstruction and Development Program is responsible for this impressive field of hundreds of toilets. With the intention of providing low cost housing

By: Loh Wei Yie~

Toilets around the world 7~

China: Guangzhou-Beijing train~

external image 218_CHI_train.jpg&h=120&w=295&zc=1

external image 218_CHI_train.jpg&h=120&w=295&zc=1
Hold on tight to the handle on the wall beside this squat toilet. When flushing, look down to catch a fleeting glimpse of the tracks below. The steel tray is standard issue on a Chinese train.
By: Loh Wei Yie~

Toilets around the world 6~

external image 140_SWZ_gumtree.jpg&h=300&w=350&zc=1

SWAZILAND : Emakhuzweni General Store

Nestled in a gum tree grove, this toilet is located behind the village general store. During the monsoons, the red clay sand splashes up, creating a rich two-tone exterior. The panel propped against the entrance is typical of outhouse doors throughout southern Africa.

By : Loh Wei yie~

Toilets around the world 5~

external image 45_CAN_ptree.jpg&h=300&w=350&zc=1

CANADA : pee tree

No Canadian campsite would be complete without its own pee tree. Usually found wherever a makeshift campsite is set up, pee trees can also occur in official campgrounds when the latrines are an uncomfortable distance away. The purpose of the pee tree is self-explanatory. Using the pee tree promotes the theory behind camping: to exist without the modern conveniences we take for granted in an effort to come closer to nature.

By: Loh Wei yie~

Toilets around the world 4~

external image 250_JAP_bighead.jpg&h=300&w=350&zc=1

JAPAN : Tokyo

This is arguably the most moving toilet experience a woman can have. Once the user is comfortably seated, the gargantuan floor-to-ceiling head slowly starts advancing. Loud, frenzied music with maniacal singing begins to blare. This part is terrifying – the woman’s heart gallops as she envisions herself being crushed to bits by the monstrous head. The looming head finally stops just in front of her, planting a larger-than-life kiss on her knees.

By: Loh Wei Yie

Toilets around the world 3~

external image 90_ENG_eggspink.jpg&h=300&w=350&zc=1

ENGLAND : Sketch

Many walk among these giant oblong eggs wondering if they’ve accidentally entered the army’s restricted alien compound. When they finally screw up the courage to open the door of a foreboding egg, they realize with a gush of relief that there are no cryogenically frozen bodies inside. Instead, they find what they’ve come for all along: a toilet. Each of these dozen eggs contains its own perfectly normal toilet; a most relaxing little haven for all but the claustrophobic. The unique eggshells are made of fibreglass by a firm specialized in the fabrication of yacht hulls.

By: Loh Wei Yie

Toilets around the world 2~

external image 54_BOL_volcano.jpg&h=300&w=350&zc=1

BOLIVIA : Lincanabur volcano

A dizzying 5900 meters above sea level at its crater, this imposing volcano straddles the border between Bolivia and Chile. The air at the short stone toilet below is so thin that its users are advised not to overexert themselves to avoid altitude sickness. The toilet serves the nearby Thermas de Polques hot springs. Brave visitors to this barren climate can escape the icy Andean winds by immersing themselves in the steaming water bubbling up from the earth.

Funny toilet sign
Funny toilet sign

Funny toilet sign
Funny toilet sign

the funny toilet signs collection
the funny toilet signs collection

(By:Vanessa lim)

Toilets around the world 1~
external image 18_USA_cbgb1.jpg&h=300&w=350&zc=1

USA: CBGB, Manhattan

Stickers from every punk and underground rock band that ever played this venue plaster the walls, tables and washrooms of this legendary bar. The toilet is mounted like a throne on a raised brick pedestal in a massive private stall. CBGB was the haunt of the 1970s New York punk scene and gradually made the transition to rock. It was a haven of artistic freedom and expression, launching legends like Blondie and the Ramones.

By: Loh Wei Yie

Cute Toilets By JoeyKoh 14 July

external image tdeco12.jpg

external image tdeco05.jpg

external image tdeco02.jpg

external image toilet5.jpg

external image tdeco01.jpg

external image toilet-seat.jpg

external image tdeco14.jpg

Toilet Signs By JoeyKoh 14 July

the quiz
the quiz

Funny toilet sign
Funny toilet sign

Funny toilet sign
Funny toilet sign

Funny toilet sign
Funny toilet sign

external image funnytoiletsigns12beijingolympics20.jpg

Hello Kitty Toilet Sign Done By Goh Xue Qi

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Musical toilets

external image jammin-jones_toilet_seats.jpg
By: Loh Wei Yie~

external image 2629929791_c997b624d7.jpg

(By:Vanessa lim)

By Joey Koh 14 July

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Funny Spongebob On The Toilet Bowl Updated on 1/7/2010 By: Goh Xue Qi

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Spongebob Siting On The Toilet Bowl, So Cute!

external image toiletpaper02.jpg external image toiletpaper01.jpg external image toiletpaper03.jpg external image toiletpaper04.jpg external image toiletpaper05.jpg external image toiletpaper06.jpg external image toiletpaper07.jpg external image toiletpaper08.jpg external image toiletpaper09.jpg external image toiletpaper10.jpg external image toiletpaper11.jpg external image toiletpaper12.jpg

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Mountail WC

Toilet Funny Picture Collection
Toilet Funny Picture Collection
(Done by:Loh Wei Yie) {Dtae:30/6}

Balloon toilet~

Toilet Funny Picture Collection
Toilet Funny Picture Collection

(Done by: Loh Wei Yie){Date:30/6}

Funny poems of toilets...XD

Pumkin pie
As I sit and write this poem,
My butt is heaving' and a blowing',
Stinking up this bathroom stall,
I'm trying not to spray the wall,
I can't control it, I wanna die,
It must have been, that pumpkin pie.
My Favorite Place
Restrooms and loo's, are some of the names
But the intent and the use, are always the same
Crapper and shitter, are just some of the slang
Not just to do business, but to gossip and hang
So appreciate the places, everyone must go
To relieve the inner pressures, and let it all flow.
(Done by: Loh Wei Yie){Date:29/6}

The old japanese toilet..

external image 220px-OldJapaneseToilet.jpg

Its so cool!!
(Done by:Loh Wei Yie)

The toilets in Japan...

There are two styles of toilets commonly found in Japan. The oldest type is a simple squat toilet, which is still somewhat common in public conveniences. After World War II, modern Western-type flush toilets and urinals became common. The current state of the art for Western-style toilets is thebidet toilet, which, as of March 2010, is installed in 72% of Japanese households. In Japan, these bidets are commonly called washlets, a brand name of Toto Ltd., and include many advanced features rarely seen outside of Asia. The feature set commonly found on washlets are anus washing, bidet washing, seat warming, and deodorization.
(Done by: Loh Wei Yie) {Date:28/6}

Toilet Signs Updated on 28 June 2010 By Goh Xue Qi

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Picture 02

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external image 150px-Toilet_Picton.JPGexternal image magnify-clip.pngAutomatic toilet designed to deter drug users.
Advanced technology is being integrated into toilets with more functions, especially in Japan . Such toilets can cost anywhere from US$200 to $5,000. The features are operated by control pads , and even hand-held remote control devices. Some of these features are
  • Automatic-flushing mechanisms, operated by a sensor. Typically these flush a toilet when the user stands up, or flush a urinal when the user steps away.
  • Water jets, or "bottom washers" as an alternative to toilet paper
  • The "Portable ", Toto's portable hand-held bottom washer
  • Blow dryers, to dry the body after use of water jets
  • Artificial flush sounds, to mask noises such as body functions
  • Urine and stool analysis, for medical monitoring. Matsushita's "Smart Toilet" checks blood pressure, temperature, and blood sugar.
  • Digital clock, to monitor time spent at the toilet
  • Automatic lid operation, to open and close the lid
  • Deodorizing fans
  • Automated paper toilet-seat-cover replacers, which automatically replace a paper toilet-seat cover with the push of a button.
==="Lo-tech" toilets


According to The Global Water Supply and Sanitation Assessment 2000 by the World Health Organization, 40% of the global population does not have access to excreta disposal facilities, mostly in Asia and Africa. There are efforts to design toilets that are easy to build and maintain with simple materials, that are also hygienic.

Diferent names of toilet in different country 28 June 2010 By Joey



The term lavatory, abbreviated in slang to lav, derives from the lavātōrium, which in turn comes from Latin lavāre, to wash. The word was used to refer to a vessel for washing, such as a ,and thus came to mean a room with such washing vessels, as for example in medieval monasteries, where the lavatorium was the monks' communal washing area. The toilets in monasteries however were not in the lavatorium but in the.Nevertheless the word was later associated with toilets and the meaning evolved into its current one, namely the polite and formal euphemism for a toilet and the room containing it. Lavatory is the common for toilets on commercial around the world.


external image 220px-Loos_NEC_10y07.JPGexternal image magnify-clip.pngThe sign for toilets ("loos...") at the ,Birmingham, England, United Kingdom.
The origin of the (chiefly British) term loo is unknown. According to the OED, the etymology is obscure, but it might derive from the word Waterloo. (1922): "O yes, mon loup. How much cost? Waterloo. Watercloset".


The WC refers Water Closet,used commonly in France (pronounced "le vay-say" or "le vater"), Romania (pronounced "veh-cheu") and Hungary (pronounced "vey-tsay"). The term is also used in the Netherlands (pronounced "waysay"), Germany (pronounced "ve-tse") and Norway (pronounced "vay-say") and Poland (pronounced "vu-tse"). WC, despite being an English language abbreviation widely used internationally, is a term not in common use in English language countries.


The CR refers to the initial letters of Comfort Room, used commonly in the Philippine .


The Privy is an old fashioned term and "privy" is an old alternative for "private".It is used interchangeably in North America for various terms.