toilet sign

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An odinary toilet sign. by kok cheng
toilet joke
These three men won a contest. The prize was a wish from the wizard. The three men all wanted toilets.

The first man wanted a wooden toilet. So he got his wish. The second man wanted a metal toilet. So he got his wish. The third man wanted a talking toilet. So he got his wish.

The next day they all wanted to return their toilets. The first one said "My toilet rotted through." So the wizard took his toilet back.

The second one said" My toilet rusted," So the wizard took his toilet back.

The third man said "Every time I try to sit on it to use it it starts to sing "I see your hinny, all white and shiny, if you don't hide it I'm gonna bite it.
by xuan yee

Funny sign.P.S. If you are a boy,

DONT do this.=) external image 11970901111592959888kaeso_Toilet_sign.svg.hi.png by zhen yi

Rules in the toilet.

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Toilet on the loose!Beware!

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by kok cheng

Antique toilet sign

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by:xuan yee

More rules in the toilet.
By: Zhen Yi
Do the correct way!!!!

Could this be a portable toilet?Wanna buy???lmao

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Toilet, Toilet, need your help,
Some thing`s coming from my butt.
One is a banana-shapped and one is unknown,
one looks like a face with no eyeballs.
Toilet,toilet need your help,how I wonder you’re my friend.

From,Fairul,Kok Cheng,Zhen Yi,Xuan Yee

Jeff Franciscus, the businessman who offered to help solve the open toilets controversy in Khayelitsha, met city council officials on regarding his plans to establish a pre-cast concrete factory.

For months 55 families of Makhaza in Khayelitsha had to relieve themselves in full view of the public because their toilets had no enclosures.

The issue turned into a political hot potato with the ANC Youth League filing a complaint against the city with the Human Rights Commission, violent protests and a clash between the ANCYL and Premier Helen Zille.

Franciscus, the owner of Darrow Pre-Cast, had proposed to the SA National Civics Organisation to train unemployed people to build concrete toilets, and offered to donate the first 100 manufactured during training.

But for Franciscus' offer to materialise, land has to be acquired to set up the factory.

"Yes we met. It was just a preliminary meeting. He (Franciscus) must provide technical information. He did not bring any documents with him," city council manager for new housing, Herman Steyn said yesterday.

Steyn said another meeting would be held as soon as Franciscus submitted more information.

Franciscus said he was pleased city officials were accommodating and willing to listen to his idea.

"They informed me that land is put out to tender and so I asked what about a temporary use so we could at least try and help solve the problem those people are facing. It looks positive," he said
Adapt from:www.iol.co.za/index.php?set_id=1&click_id=594&art_id=vn20100701045408346C370745
By:Xuan Yee

Wow google supports toilet paper!

odinary toilet

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Wow different unique toilets!
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DON'T DO THIS TO YOUR CHILD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The real PUBLIC toilet.(MALE only.)ROFLMAO!!LOLz!

Mr Bean in toilet!
Go to this web to see: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O3I7G-w3hTY
By:Xuan Yee

Toilet Poem

I am woman, here me roar,
I can't take this, any more,
This stall lock, just won't work,
Must be built, by some male jerk,
Now I have to, improvise,
To sit like this, is not too wise,
'Cause if I pee, it hits the floor,
When my feet, must hold the door

The comments are here, all over the wall.
I'll add just one more, to this bathroom stall.
Write something better, then for a good time call
Just put in the effort, or write nothing at all.
I'm just sick of the crap, that I'm able to read.
That some dildo wrote, while he stood here and peed.
He thought he was funny, or did a good deed.
But a blow job tonight, is not what I need.
So if you can't think of a thing, to write in a poem.
Get your brain moving, so the thoughts will start flowin'.
You can write about a fart, that's constantly blowin'.
Just make them worth it, or you can always stowem'
I drained my bladder, which made it gladder.
I peed for an hour or more.
Then I sat and shit, till my colon was split.
Now my sphincter's all itchy and sore
The love of my life, is not my dear wife,
But a toilet with flush, and extra thick pipes.
To take all my crap, without a mouth flap,
And when it acts up, I can shut off its tap
By:Xuan Yee

external image images?q=tbn:HczaW_rFqv2WrM::&t=1&usg=__OU3AE4GoftaICXcsdbWjmyIPbNk=my favourite comic book.by zhen yi
external image Fe55c6HIuu6.jpgthere are pokermon card about toilet too

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external image self-cleaning-toilet-1_R98cS_17621.jpga self cleaning toilet.so cool

external image images?q=tbn:-Q-56cj7fZf0iM::&t=1&usg=__fWaKq9a-qgywO70yXx2iJfbPlsI=a very funny toilet comic